Dark-Hunters have rules just like everyone else. These rules are called The Dark-Hunter Code.

  • Never Expose Your Powers to Uninitiated Humans- Dark-Hunters must stay hidden to avoid publicity and scrutiny.
  • Be A Part of the World, But Never in It - To reduce the likelihood of being discovered, Dark-Hunters are discouraged from having personal relationships.
  • Never Be in the Presence of a God - Being soulless makes Dark-Hunters an anathema to the gods, who rely on the belief in people's souls to stay in power. Gods are obligated to kill Dark-Hunters on sight.
  • Never Let the Sunshine Touch You - Apollo, Artemis's brother and god of the sun, will kill Dark-Hunters to spite his sister. Apollites and Daimons are also harmed by the sun.
  • An Unconscious Dark-Hunter is a Dead Dark-Hunter - Dark-Hunters are compelled to fall asleep when they are injured, regardless of where they are, leaving them vulnerable to attack and being burned at sunrise. Dark-Hunters are encouraged to keep Squires to pull them out of sticky situations.
  • No Significant Others - Dark-Hunters have a priority to protect mankind first and significant others can be a distraction. Also, because Dark-Hunters are immortal, any significant lover they might find will die long before they do.
  • Never Touch Your Squire - To keep Dark-Hunters and Squires from forming a romantic relationship, Dark-Hunters are often paired up with someone of the opposite gender of what they are attracted to. It keeps Squires from abandoning their Dark-Hunters in times of need because of a lovers quarrel or other complication.
  • No Family, No Friends Who Knew You Before You Died - Because Dark-Hunters often die very gruesome deaths, it is traumatic for the family to be visited by their dead loved one. It also creates distractions for the Dark-Hunter, who is not permitted to have relationships
  • Let No Daimon Escape Alive. - Since Dark-Hunters were created to kill Daimons, it would be counter productive to let them escape.
  • Never Speak of What You Are - Dark-Hunters are sworn into a Code of Silence when they are created. It is to keep them from telling others about who they are and what they do.
  • You Cannot Be in the Presence of Another Dark-Hunter - When two or more Dark-Hunters are near each other, they begin to drain each other's powers. This keeps them from joining up and revolting against Acheron and Artemis. Acheron is the only Dark-Hunter who does not drain the powers of others.
  • Whatever You Do to Another Dark-Hunter You Will Feel Tenfold- To keep Dark-Hunters from fighting amongst themselves, they inflict more damage upon themselves if they attack one of their own.
  • You walk alone. - Dark-Hunters are only allowed the company of their Squire. Other than that, they cannot have close friends. However, many Dark-Hunters communicate over the internet or through phone calls.
  • Keep your bow mark hidden - Artemis's double bow-and-arrow mark advertises to Daimons who the Dark-Hunters are and raises questions among humans. It is later disclosed that by stabbing this mark, a Dark-Hunter can be quickly and effectively killed.

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